What are the price trends for second homes in Switzerland?

21 December 2020

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Working from home and the coronavirus seem to be pushing the prices of second homes up, according to an article in the Tribune de Genève. Gérance Service highlights the article’s key points.

According to the consulting firm Wüest & Partners, the demand for second homes in tourist regions has increased by 3.6% since mid-2019.

Lex Weber’s Consequences

The downward price trend since 2012 generated by the uncertainties related to the Lex Weber (which we talk abouthere), gave way to an upward recovery in 2017, a plunge, and then an increase in 2019.

The coronavirus outbreak reinforces this trend, as does the fact that the uncertainties surrounding the interpretation of the Lex Weber have now faded and sellers and buyers now know what to expect.

Working at the foot of the slopes is no longer utopia

Working from home is on the rise, and this is reflected in the prices of mountain properties. Why not work in a dream environment if possible? The Swiss love their mountains They can now enjoy them all the time. The need for local tourism that arose in 2020 due to the pandemic reminded them of their passion for the great outdoors and for their country.

High demand for housing with outdoor spaces

After isolation in the city, which was difficult for many to live with, city dwellers are fleeing the concrete and looking for properties that allow them access to outdoor spaces, gardens, and terraces. Whether it is for their primary or secondary residence, or even for their office, buyers have realized the importance of being able to enjoy the great outdoors.

More and more co-working spaces can also be built in the mountains, even if this trend is still only speculative.

Working from home, made easy and standardized

Wüest & Partner estimates that the number of hours worked outside the office,12% before the pandemic, could rise to 25 – 30% in the post-coronavirus world. People working in open space offices and whose offices have been shut down have been particularly affected.