Working from the mountain: the new holy grail

4 April 2022

| News

Based on an article by Caroline Rieder published on February 16, 2022

With the development of telecommuting and the flexibility that comes with it, working from the mountains in 2022 is now an easily accessible option, and coworking spaces are increasingly in demand. At Gérance Service, we have converted part of our offices into a shared workspace to meet this demand.

Since last year, the demand for private or shared office rental space at Coworking Villars has skyrocketed, whereas, when it opened in 2019, demand was very timid. Who are our coworkers? Local companies, teachers, international schools, professionals from the Lake Geneva region working remotely, and also working parents on family vacation in Villars-sur-Ollon, looking for calm. More and more foreigners are also coming to take advantage of teleworking at the foot of the slopes.

Changing mindsets

The slower pace of life imposed on us by Covid has made many people realize the importance of having time for themselves, and therefore of leaving space for both work and leisure in their daily routine. The pandemic has also awakened a hunger for nature and wilderness, which can be satiated by the region’s rugged mountain landscapes. Companies are participating in this change of mentality: formerly resistant to telework, many are now fully accepting it, even encouraging it.

Working conditions are becoming more flexible, and employees know how to take advantage of them.

Offers for every need

Structures such as PureWorka offer digital nomads an “office and accommodation” package, and some hotels are finding that their clientele is increasingly made up of these digital workers. Another coworking option, Maverick Active Workspace, focuses on sport: they offer an office space alongside tai chi, gym and pilates sessions. The proximity to the slopes is also a strong attraction: being able to work efficiently in a suitable space, then going out to exercise on skis is for many a perfect balance.

Do not hesitate to visit the website of Coworking Villars, the shared workspace of Gérance Service: