Gérance Service celebrates its 50th anniversary!

19 September 2019

| News

In 2019, Gerance Services celebrates its 50th anniversary. 50 years filled with emotions, encounters, intense moments. As we launch our new website, we decided to celebrate with a letter from our CEO Fred Ernand, as well as some photos of our beaufitul anniversary celebration party.

The weather is glorious on that morning of April 24, 1969. My grandfather is cautiously tying his tie. His head is full of projects and he is about to meet with his friend notary Louis Bianchi, with whom he will sign the act of creation of Gérance Service SA, a service company for which he foresees a great future. Can he already feel the complicated future of the real estate market? Whether or not he can, it does not discourage him. He is convinced that between brokerage, rentals, administration and the maintaining of properties, there will always be work, lots to do, especially if he brings to the profession the same passion he put into construction.

I am watching out the window of our newly refurbished office, and see big black clouds gathering, entirely blocking the view of the mountains. Today is April 24, 2019. 50 years have gone by. In a few minutes, to celebrate the last half-century, we have invited our clients, friends, partners, craftspeople, insurers, bankers, all of those who have worked for this beautiful adventure to thrive throughout the years. There is thunder, the storm is growing stronger. I tell myself : “This is it”. The party will be a disaster. All of a sudden, against all odds, the clouds scatter and the sun, unexpected and bright, shines on our anniversary party! How not to consider this as a sign of destiny, an intuition that gives me faith in the future? This feelings gives me the serene conviction that continuing the work started by my grandfather and father before me was the right thing to do.

A tradition? More of a reference to shared values. To serve. With passion and respect. To listen, with patience. To advise, with reason. To offer the most professional service, at a fair price, in the interest of the investor. To anticipate the evolution of desires and needs. To adapt to juridical changes, to integrate the latest technologies, without ever losing the bond with our clients, who has been granting us with their trust for the past 50 years, and thrive to keep deserving this trust for the next 50 years.

— Fred Ernand – CEO Gérance Service